【New Product】Hot chocolate with the scent of the forest

STARTING TODAY, AT KEY BAKERYHot chocolate with the scent of the forestwill sell!

“M-Afabry Co., Ltd.” has a shop in Shingu City, Wakayama Prefecture.

We are a company that manufactures, sells, and develops products of essential oils from local local resources.

The chocolate used in the ingredients is dressed in a “natural fragrance (essential oil)” extracted by “aroma specialist” M. Afabry.

KEY BAKERY will sell three types of hot chocolate. 750 yen each (tax included)

  • “48” SHIBAHARA Refreshing with a slight citrus scent
  • “96” KUROMOJI Mild type with elegance
  • “21” NIKKI Refreshing cinnamon scent

Let’s survive the cool cold Kumano winter with this special hot chocolate!