Terms of service

Kodo Walking Village Chikatsuyu (hereinafter referred to as “the hotel”) has established usage rules so that our customers can use them safely and comfortably. We ask for your cooperation in complying with them. If you do not comply, we will unavoidably refuse to use the facility, and in some cases you may be liable for damages, so please be especially careful.

Matters to be observed for fire prevention

Please refrain from smoking in places that are likely to cause a fire (smoking outside the designated smoking areas on the premises).
Please refrain from any acts that may cause a fire, such as bringing or using firearms into the facility.
Please refrain from mischief such as firefighting equipment as it will hinder the maintenance of safety.

Other matters to be observed

Please refrain from bringing in items that may disturb other customers (such as bringing in animals), items that are ignitable or flammable, items that emit a foul odor, or items that are prohibited by law.
Please do not make loud voices, singing, noisy acts, gambling, morals, acts that disturb public order, or actions that may disturb other customers. Please be careful especially from 7 pm to midnight and early morning.
Please do not significantly change the current status of the facilities and equipment in the facility, or use it for any other purpose.
We ask for your cooperation in saving electricity and water in order to use energy carefully.
Please note that we do not allow food and drinks to be brought in from outside the building.
In addition to the above, please refrain from acts that are offensive to public order and morals.